The Under10 Playbook Canvas™

What you really need is a simple approach to optimize your product delivery every step of the way, from business planning to product creation to sales enablement.

There’s a lot of emphasis on making this department more efficient, or implementing a new method in that department. But the silo approach can only go so far.

What’s the right level of process for your organization? You want to mitigate your risk on new product decisions but also be a nimble organization. Too much process can stifle innovation but too little process means that emergencies occur all too often.

Great results come from more than great product development. You need a coordinated effort—from idea to revenue.In the last few years, agile methods, such Scrum, Lean, and Kanban, have taken hold in development teams around the world. These methods favor light processes, face-to-face ad hoc meetings, and brief artifacts. They encourage you to work on a small bit of work, show it to a customer, and revise the product frequently based on near real-time feedback.

Meanwhile, executive management seems to miss the rich detail from the “old school” documents: GANTT charts, market requirements documents, business plans.

The challenge is this: what collection of artifacts provides clarity to the product team and also satisfies the leadership team that the project is on schedule, meets the needs of the business, and aligns with their strategic vision?

The Under10 Playbook Canvas is one way. The Canvas helps you determine what meetings and artifacts are necessary in your business. It encompasses three critical phases for managing technology products: 1) propose with business justification, 2) develop solutions that address market problems, and 3) deliver the solution to your market. It's the method we used for our Under10 Playbook software.

Under10 Planning canvas

The Under 10 Playbook Canvas provides a simple method for defining and documenting your overall planning process, from idea-to-product and product-to-market. Add your processes and artifacts to make it your own.

First, evaluate the big ideas with management, showing the business justification for the decision. Align the idea with a portfolio roadmap so the leadership team can see the ramifications of the idea in context. And when the roadmap is approved by the company leaders, translate this vision into artifacts for the rest of the organization. Perhaps most important of all, analyze what is and isn’t working, and then revise your strategies to align with the tactics that are most effective.

What are the steps to go from idea to market? And what skills are necessary to support these steps? What artifacts and documents are necessary and which can be omitted? The canvas will help you identify the right level of process needed in your organization.

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