From business planning to product launch, Under10 Playbook is the ultimate smart notebook for managing products, empowering you to work smarter and collaborate better with development and marketing teams.

A centralized place to store product management artifacts. 

How much product information would be lost if the product manager left?

A product playbook begins with personas and their stories, which define the business metrics and the roadmap. It should give you the tools to communicate with your stakeholders in development, marketing, and the executive ranks. It should support the business aspects of the product without duplicating what you already have in your development tool. It should be the one place for everything related to your products.

In a recent survey, only 26% of product managers said they had the right tools and resources.

Today's product managers predominantly use Microsoft Word and Excel for their documents plus ticketing tools for their development interactions.

That’s why we developed the Under10 Playbook. Software to manage your product, personas, stories, roadmaps, and more—all the templates and tools you use on a daily basis, as well as their relationships with one another.

Under10 Playbook is designed for people who look beyond product development to the business, marketing, and sales aspects of defining and delivering products.

Is that you?

Under 10 Playbook helps you define, develop, and refine awesome products. It’s a smart notebook for managing products—from definition to development to delivery.

Under10 Playbook. It's the smart product notebook for product managers and product leaders.

Key features

All product information in one place

Key product information gets lost every day. Some is stored on personal drives; some in shared folders. If others can't access it, the information is lost. Keep track of your personas, stories, plans, requests, and more. All in one place. And any can be printed so you'll have consistency in your output.

artifact types

Quick prioritization

Everything can be prioritized. From requests and product ideas to stories as well as competitors and their features.

A look at prioritization

Don't waste your time on low priority items. The Under10 Quick Prioritization tool considers a series of yes/no factors plus bonus points inherited from market problems, competitors, and customer requests. With quick prioritization, you always know what to focus on next.

Story queues implement a Kanban approach

Product stories move through logical queues so you always have clarity on the state of key product features. Under10 lets you know when stories have the necessary information to move from planning to ready for development, in development, awaiting acceptance, and released.

understanding story queues 

Roadmaps for everyone

The most common request from executives and sales people is for the product roadmap. We've got 'em. Generate your roadmap automatically; it's always up-to-date with the latest plans and deliverables.


We also have briefings, forecasts, and pricing tools.

Check out Under10 Playbook. It's free to try.