Start with an assessment

To determine where to focus, we'll do an extended analysis of 50+ items for importance, responsibilities, and skills.

Begin with clarity on roles and responsibilities

With the Under10 Playbook Assessment, we'll look at your processes — from concept to retirement— to assess the importance of each element, determine how well it's being executed, and evaluate the skills of your team. A DARES or RASCI assessment identifies specific areas for additional training and skills transfer.

This workshop will assess the current state and ideal state of your product marketing and management organization, and give specific guidance to create a world-class team. Together we can identify the steps to success for a product management team with just enough process.

From the assessment, we’ll have a baseline of your current state so we can determine areas where training and coaching are necessary to move your team to the next level.

Meanwhile, this free self-assessment will give you an idea where to begin.

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