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Paying for Quality Content

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Frederic Filloux believes "Quality news shifts to a paid-for model. And that’s good thing." He writes, 

Several forces are pushing value-added news toward subscription-based models. Seizing the opportunity will require major changes—such as developing a strong customer culture. A long way to go.


This applies to genuine value-added/original news produced by newsrooms, not to ersatz, largely recycled, superficial commodity information. Big difference.

What that means for news services is they must dramatically increase the quality of both content and customer support. 

But what does that mean for technology purchases? 

In a world with so many cheap or free options, and so many "good enough" solutions, customers seem willing to pay for better choices. Choices that are focused on their specific needs; that is, software that meets 100% of something rather than 80% of everything. A better webcam with a better app. A better software tool with better reporting and better tutorials.

By focusing on the needs of specific personas, you can increase the "stickiness" of your product, and increase revenues too.

How does this shift from free to paid affect your product and business? 

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