With today’s methods you can build the wrong product faster than ever.

Many product teams struggle with today's methods; some have adopted agile while others still rely on document-centric processes. As a result, products today often are released through the heroics of individual team members instead of by following a simple idea-to-market method.

Yet, there are numerous statistics on failed products.

What has changed?

Most organizations need a small number of living documents—fewer than 10—to manage their products and services. The most effective organizations favor minimal process, brief artifacts, and simple worksheets.

Don’t you?


Here's what works

A product team empowered with the methods, skills, and tools to succeed.

What’s needed is a simple methodology that adapts to changing market conditions, a team of product managers and marketers who are skilled in the necessary techniques, and software to support them each step of the way.

The Under10 Playbook approach is simple. With decades of experience, we’ve identified the core elements of defining and delivering products. Under10 combines method with software to give you an approach that works. We apply these principles to your products with highly interactive workshops and webinars, and store the results online in your cloud-based product playbook.

From business planning to product launch, Under10 promotes a nimble approach for managing products, empowering your team to work smarter and collaborate better with development and marketing teams.

At Under10, we help product teams apply industry best practices to their portfolio of products with proven tools and methods, customized to your top priorities. 


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