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Pricing, subscriptions, and the weather

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Why don't you go to the carwash more often?

When it's a beautiful sunny day, many drivers think, "Hey, how about getting the ol' car washed?" Then they check the weather forecast on their phone and say, "why bother to get the car washed if it's just gonna rain tomorrow?"

So the people who run car washing services see ups and downs in their revenue, entirely dependent on the weather forecast.

Is there another way?

What if customers had the option to get the car washed again within 7 days? Or what if the car wash sold a membership, a "subscription" approach? "Get your car washed up to 6 times per month."

Understanding why people do not buy is critical to pricing. Once you understand the origin of their reluctance to buy, you can package your offering in a way that overcomes their objections.

How might you package your offerings in a form that customers will embrace?

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