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Paul Hurwitz is an experienced product manager with passion for figuring out the problems that companies need to solve. He has extensive experience in Healthcare, Digital Health and B2B. Paul believes in leading by influence not authority and likes to have curious people around him. Paul brings a deep understanding of technology and product management best practices.

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Blog: Managing an Existing Product: Day 1

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An important skill for a product manager is the ability to parachute into an existing product and land on your feet. When parachuting into an existing product you have to immerse yourself in your new company and learn as much as you can as quickly as you can.


Blog: The Worst that Could Happen

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Do you plan for the worst? Do you list out the worst things that could happen during your release and come up with ways to mitigate the risks? Do you have contingency plans if something does go wrong?

When putting together a product launch plan, you need to think through everything about what resources will be needed from engineering, QA, infrastructure and support. Many different types of media will be needed; marketing materials, training materials for internal use and help documentation for users, blog posts, social media posts and press releases.


Blog: How to Break into Product Management

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At many of the meetups I attend around New York City, I meet aspiring product people, people in other functions that want to break into product management. I get asked how to become a product manager all the time. Product management is an important role and many people want to transition to it.