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Grandma’s cooking secret

Cooking secret

The new bride is making her first big holiday dinner and tries her hand at her mother's brisket recipe, cutting off the ends of the roast the way her mother always did.

Hubby thinks the meat is delicious, but says, "Why do you cut off the ends?—that's the best part!"

She answers, "That's the way my mother always made it."

The next week, they go to mother’s house, and she prepares the famous brisket recipe, cutting off the ends as described in the recipe. When asked, her mom says, "That's the way my mother always made it."

The young bride is sure she must be missing some vital information, so she calls her grandma and asks why she always cut off the ends.

“Honey,” Grandma says, "that's the only way the brisket will fit in my pan!"

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photo credit: Sammiches Anyone? via photopin (license)

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