Under10 Playbook helps you define, develop, deliver, and refine awesome technology products.

From business planning to product launch, Under10 Playbook is the ultimate smart notebook for managing products.

Today's product managers predominantly use Microsoft® Word and Excel for their documents plus ticketing tools for their development interactions. That’s why we developed the Under10 Playbook. Software to manage your product, personas, stories, roadmaps, and more—all the templates and tools you use on a daily basis, as well as their relationships with one another.

In a recent survey, only 26% of product managers said they had the right tools and resources.

Under 10 Playbook helps you define, develop, and refine awesome products. It’s a smart notebook for managing products—from definition to development to delivery. Based on the Under10 methodology, market personas and their stories drive product release decisions so you deliver the right features to your market on schedule.

Under10 Playbook is designed for people who look beyond product development to the business, marketing, and sales aspects of defining and delivering products. Is that you?

Key features

Under10 Playbook. It's the smart product notebook for product managers and product leaders.

01 Centralized product data and documents

Keep track of your personas, stories, plans, requests, and more—all the templates and tools you need on a daily basis.

Let’s face it, product information gets lost. Whether it is stored on personal drives or in shared folders, most product data can't be found or is out of date within weeks of creation.

Under10 Playbook keeps track of your key artifacts, business plans, roadmaps and more. All in one place. Accessible to all that need it, when they need it, and how they need it. Delivered in a consistent yet extensible format. 

02 Prioritization built in

Market and business values drive prioritization, automatically computing opportunity scores as you define artifacts.

Everything can be prioritized. From enhancement requests to new product ideas. From market plans to competitive threats. You’ll always know what to focus on next.

Using simple checklists rather than sliding scales, you’ll produce consistent and defensible scores for all you artifacts.

And when your business needs change, you can easily re-prioritize everything.

03 Always up-to-date

Manage and track all of your product development and marketing activity and share status anytime.

Keep ahead of the game by managing and monitoring your product stories as they progress from planning to delivery. 

Drill into the details, identify trouble spots, and move things forward as things get done. Under10 makes it easy for you to stay informed and drive your product toward release.

04 Information for everyone

No matter the audience, share key information with your colleagues without the hassles.

Under10 Playbook presents the information needed by customers, executives, developers, marketers, and sales people — in formats you'll want to share.

From product roadmaps to detailed development briefings, we make it easy to share your product information with all your constituents.

More than just roadmaps and stories, Under10 Playbook has tools for business planning, revenue forecasting, and product pricing.

Playbook Plans

Under10 Playbook is your smart product notebook. From an individual playbook to the enterprise, we have a plan that fits your need.



1 editor
2 readers
1 GB Storage

Team 3


3 editors
6 readers
3 GB Storage


Team 10


10 editors
20 readers
10 GB Storage

What's next?

From business planning to product launch, Under10 promotes a nimble approach for managing products, empowering your team to work smarter and collaborate better with executives, developers, sales people, and marketing teams.

Get started creating a world-class, business-oriented product team with Under10.

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