Master key product management deliverables with highly interactive, customized sessions.

Proven concepts. Applied. At your site or "live" on the web.

Onsite or online, get your team on the same page with a common language, a company-specific set of tools and templates, and proven methods for developing and delivering products.

It’s likely some product management team members have formal training; others don’t. Some have years of experience; some have just started. They probably have some tools they’ve used in the past and maybe some templates from a training class. How do you adapt these to your business and products?

Key product management topics. Product management spans many activities from business planning to market readiness. Under10 offers a broad set of topics including personas, pricing, positioning, problem discovery, and more. You define your agenda by choosing the set of topics that fit your top business issues.

"Review, Extend, Apply." In our workshop modules, we'll review what the team already knows on the topic, extend their understanding with a new technique or concept, and then apply the concept to your products and markets in a working session. We encourage you to share examples based on your products and methods. Our focus is on skills development, not just information transfer, so each module delivers a document or process that’s ready for production (or at least ready for validation).

Delivered onsite or via webcast. You can create your own delivery package by combining onsite workshops with web-based sessions plus one-on-one coaching by phone. Clients typically schedule these sessions over a period of 4 to 6 months to ensure adoption. Onsite is best for team-building; online is best for distributed teams. Pick the delivery model that works for your team.

Standard agendas (or create your own)

Product Team Fundamentals

  • Product Team Roles
  • Customer Discovery and Market Insights
  • Markets, Segments, and Personas
  • Product Innovation and Strategy 
  • Retrospectives

Product Strategy Fundamentals

  • Product Innovation and Strategy 
  • Creating Your Business Model
  • Realizing Business Value with Pricing
  • Define Your Competitive Landscape
  • Making Build, Buy, and Partnering Decisions

Product Growth Fundamentals

  • Markets, Segments, and Personas
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Release and Launch Planning
  • Win Loss Analysis
  • Sales Enablement

Product Planning Fundamentals

  • Working with Today's Development Methods
  • Product Stories and Personas
  • Product Roadmapping and Prioritization
  • Release and Launch Planning
  • Retrospectives

We leverage our experience with hundreds of companies to meet the unique needs of your business. Choose from dozens of available modules to define a custom agenda aligned with your priorities.

Sample sessions

Our workshops are interactive with lots of opportunities for discussion. 


Explore the many roles and expectations of product management


Take a fresh look at your idea to market process

(For these sample sessions, the discussions and Q&A have been removed.)


What's next?

From business planning to product launch, Under10 promotes a nimble approach for managing products, empowering your team to work smarter and collaborate better with executives, developers, sales people, and marketing teams.

Get started creating a world-class, business-oriented product team with Under10.

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