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Product Camp Atlanta, November 2015

Pcamp atl

u10 canvas 1511 Steve Johnson led a session on agile's impact on product management, using the Under10 Playbook Canvas as a central theme. The Playbook Canvas helps you define artifacts and methods for each step of product delivery, from idea to market.

Download the canvas here.

(BTW, we've implemented the Under10 Playbook in software, designed for product managers. Sign up for the free beta and check it out.)

If you haven't attended a Product Camp, you should. These volunteer-led camps are scattered around the world--there's probably one near you soon.

What's product camp? Imagine a group of product managers, marketers, designers, and developers coming together for a dozen sessions on popular product topics. Some who attend are practitioners, some are hiring and some are looking to hire. And, best of all, product camp is free.

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