At Under10, we help product teams apply industry best practices to their portfolio of products with proven tools and methods, customized to the organization's top priorities. With decades of experience, Under10 has defined the methods and roles of product management for thousands of organizations. 

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You know what keeps executives awake at night?

Strategic product management can drive all three issues. By empowering sales and marketing teams with clear value propositions for more effective sales tools. By empowering development teams with real customer problems to solve. 

For many, products get released through individual heroics despite the process. Product management is more than completing a set of activities on a framework. It’s not enough to fill out forms. It’s about leading teams to successful product delivery. 

Under10 Playbook delivers a simple approach for defining products. We ensure product responsibilities are clear for all the departments involved. We introduce a nimble planning process, adapted to the special needs of your business. And we make sure your product team has the skills and tools necessary for the job. 

To get great products, you need methods that generate results.

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Our goal is to turn your product managers into product leaders.

With Under10 Playbook for product management, your team will think more strategically, embrace feedback from the market, and deliver better products to your customers.

Manage your products like businesses. 

We wrote the book on practical methods

In Turn Ideas into Products, author Steve Johnson introduces a nimble idea-to-market process with strong emphasis on personal experience with customers. From business planning to product launch, this approach for managing products empowers your product team to work smarter and collaborate better with both colleagues and customers. This book is a primer on today's best practices in product management.

Workshops on your top issues

Maybe you need customized training or maybe you need to apply what your team learned in seminars from companies like Pragmatic Marketing.

Wither Under10, your team masters key product management deliverables with interactive, customized workshops. Delivered at your site or over the web. Workshops can be from 90 minutes to a full day. And each workshop produces ready-to-use documents. You decide the agenda based on what your team needs. Learn more…

Software for product managers 

How many critical documents do you have? In how many formats? One product manager’s roadmap is different from the others’. One uses a positioning template from a training seminar; another from an online resource. 

You need one place to store everything related to the product. In one format. With the information unique to your organization.

Under 10 Playbook helps you define, develop, and refine awesome products. It’s a smart notebook for managing products—from definition to development to delivery. Learn more…

Here's what works

A product team empowered with the methods, skills, and tools to succeed.

The Under10 Playbook approach is simple. With decades of experience, we’ve identified the core elements of defining and delivering products. Under 10 templates; under 10 process steps. By combining method with software, we give you an approach that works. We apply these principles to your products with interactive workshops and webinars, and store the results online in your cloud-based product playbook.

From business planning to product launch, Under10 promotes a nimble approach for managing products, empowering your team to work smarter and collaborate better with development and marketing teams.

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