The Product Leader Executive Forum is devoted to defining the right product, developing the product right—and delivering it into customers’ hands quickly. Under 10 sessions, no more than 20 attendees. Just you, me, and a few others.

This leadership program offers a combination of online conference sessions and discussions with industry peers—all done from the convenience of your office or home, no travel required. The conference is limited to 20 attendees!

Who should attend

Product executives including CPO, CTO, VP of Product Management, VP of Marketing, and other senior titles as well as product managers, product owners, and others who define and deliver products.

Conference Topics

Are these some of your issues?

How many company experiences have you had? Our conference attendees have many, many more. We discuss common business frameworks and industry best practices. See how they apply to your organization’s current scenario.

Each session tackles a top-of-mind issue. Group discussion among participants reveals techniques that work. Lecture-style presentations are rarely the best way to learn. Our sessions use a small number of slides to guide peer discussion. We cover topics that could take days in a public seminar setting. We set aside the time necessary to discuss how to apply the concept in your organization.

Consider these questions: How do Agile and Lean methods impact our planning? What type of expertise do I need on my teams and how should I organize them? How can I sell the value of my team to my colleagues? The conference will drill down on these questions and more!

Participation is limited to 20 product leaders so you’ll be sure to get your issues addressed. Note: sessions are not recorded. You can speak about issues confidentiality.

Introductory Pricing

The Product Leader Executive Forum virtual conference is only $750. That’s less than $100 per month. An equivalent management seminar would cost $3000 or more. 

Included in your conference fee:

Future virtual conference packages will be more expensive, so be sure to sign up now before the prices go up!

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